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ANY Industry. ANY Purpose.


All Public Works: Water, Sewer, Storm, Electric, Fiber, Gas, Streets



Plants, Pump Houses, Garages, Warehouses…any Building or Facility

Campus Management

Any-Sized Campus: Public or Private, K-12, College or University



Use In ANY Department to Manage All Aspects of Your City or Town 

Risk Management

Insurance Claims or Executive Protection, Quickly Access Your Data to Make High-Level Decisions on the Fly


Large Hubs to NonPrimary Commercial Service Airports, iamGIS Can Assist Airports in Tracking All of Their Assets







Unlimited Storage & Maps

Data, Digital Media, Maps, Layers

Work Orders

Maintenance Tracking & Incident Reporting


Real-Time or Scheduled Text & Email Notifications

100% Customizable

Easily Modify & Edit Dozens of Settings


Bluetooth GPS receiver For Real-Time Capture

Live Training

In-Person or Web-Based Training


US-Based Customer Support

Prompt Responses from Our Dedicated Team


Any Connected Device, Anytime, Anywhere


Fully Compatible with ESRI ArcGIS

Google Street-View

Integrated with Ability to Capture &  Store Images

CASE Study

See HoW

Big Changes

Are Being

Made with iamGIS


Harry Johnson, III

Water Commissioner of Youngstown, Ohio

“With iamGIS I’ve been able to showcase our system to the mayor, administrators, customers and even other communities…they’re all fascinated with iamGIS! Being out in the community I can pull up iamGIS on my tablet and show them our water lines, valves, hydrants – everything in our system. They can see where their tax dollars are going and the cost-savings at work. I highly recommend iamGIS!”

Bud Murray, P.E.

Tellico Village POA, Tennessee

“What I like most about iamGIS is how easy it is to use. Being able to do asset tracking, inventory and add assets – and have our folks do that without a whole lot of training. I can send folks out in the field with an iPhone and they’re able to capture assets in real-time, get them into the database so we can track and manage them more effectively in the future.”

Wendell Walters

Public Works Director, Town of Speedway, Indiana

“We had GIS software before, but it was a very difficult program and not easy to use. Everything changed when we met Tony. iamGIS is so user-friendly that we can take our people, give them access to and they can start working immediately. iamGIS goes to the field with us or we can use it in the office. It all comes down to usability. Every member of our team can use this and that is such a positive thing for our community.”

Dwayne Davis

HighView Daniels Water Superintendent, Colorado

“iamGIS is great for both water distribution and wastewater collection management. The software is user-friendly and easy to manipulate to fit our needs. The support team has made our transition into this GIS utility management program a breeze…Thank you!”

Terry Keller

Winter Harbor Utilities District Superintendent, Maine

“Someday I’ll retire and whoever I hand this off to is going to know where pretty much everything is at.  With iamGIS I’m mapping out our entire system and I can access it anytime on my tablet or phone.  The software is affordable, very easy to use and I can add new assets out in the field in seconds. I can show my board everything I’ve done and it makes planning so much easier.”

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