The base map is what your data will overlay, providing context to where your data is located. The base map can be Streets, Satellite, or Default.


The streets base map shows the lay of the land by drawing and coloring in features and providing labels to identify roads, buildings, waterways, etc...


The satellite base map shows the lay of the land by means of high-resolution satellite imagery to get an actual birds-eye view.


The default base map combines the best of the two base map options by using the Streets base map when zoomed out and switching to the Satellite base map as you zoom in.

Setting the base map

The control to set the base map can be found in the lower-right hand corner. Click on it and select the desired base map. The yellow star indicates the initial base map  used for all users when they navigate to this map. It can also be changed by clicking on the star for the desired base map.

[!note The initial base map, indicated by the star, applies to all users.]