Your data consists of features (points, lines, areas) on the map that are grouped in layers and contain the relevant information that you define. These features often overlap, and you don't always want or need to view all features on the map at once. Map filters give you the ability to only view what you want/need to view, providing a clearer picture.

Map filters can be found in the top (left) of the map page by clicking on the blue bar that is just below the quick search. To hide the map filters, simply click on the blue bar again.


Layers are the primary means of organizing features into meaningful groups, and thus are the primary filter mechanism. Every layer of the map is listed under LAYERS in the map filters, showing the default style, name, and tags for that layer.

Layer Visibility

Layers can be shown/hidden by toggling the checkbox found to the right.

Multiple layers can be shown/hidden by clicking on the checkbox dropdown to the right of the LAYERS heading, directly above the checkbox of the first layer, which will provide a few options...

  1. All layers - the first row applies to all layers.
  2. Tags - subsequent rows apply to layers with that tag.

sets all layers to default visibility.
shows all layers.
hides all layers.

Layer Order

Layers are listed in the order to be shown (stacked) relative to one another on the map. For example, if a line crosses over a point on the map, do you want the line to appear on top, or do you want the point to appear on top?

 First layer - appears on top
 Last layer - appears below all others

[!warning Layer order can impede feature selection.
Example: An area on top of a point can prevent the point from being able to be selected by clicking on it.]

Layer Defaults

There is a default visibility and order for all layers that is used when the map is initially loaded. As layer visibility and layer order changes, the save icon next to the LAYERS heading will turn green and allow you to save the current layer visibility and layer order as the new default for all users.

[!note Default layer visibility and order applies to all users.]