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“The Software is very user friendly! They almost make it idiot-proof, which is good because you can make updates and changes with ease. When our water department makes any repairs, they’re able to input pictures and make comments. I can say on a positive note that we haven’t had any problems at all…it’s taken us from the dark ages into the 21st century. It will do nothing but improve our whole operation.”

Joe Geers - Safety Service Director

“We are WATER experts, not software or GIS experts. We switched to iamGIS because we needed something simple and easy to use. With iamGIS we’ve added thousands of assets and use it every day. We’ve expanded from the basic assets and have added back flow preventers, fire lines, service lines, and sharing data between departments. From support to ease of use – iamGIS is outstanding!”

Mary Armacost - Water Department

“We’re a very small utility with a crew of only two people and decided to go with iamGIS because of our ability to easily customize the system to meet our needs. We work with water, wastewater, roads, and ease of creating, modifying and tracking all the features is very easy. Being able to set up our own notes and layers makes iamGIS very user-friendly and fun to use.”

Joel A. Anderson - District Manager